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Porter James

Outdoor Videographer, Wildlife Photographer, Outdoor Enthusiast, Storyteller 
My name is Porter James, the creator of Doin' It All Outdoors. As a 2020 graduate from the University of Montevallo with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Outdoor Media Marketing, I am pursuing a career in the Outdoor Industry. Through my experiences in the Presidents Outdoor Scholars Program at the University of Montevallo, I am very fortunate to have been a part of various projects such as starting filming for Outdoor Scholars TV (OSTV) on YouTube (2018-2020), Chief Editor of the Outdoor Scholars Podcast (2019), Editor of OSTV (2019-2020).
From a very young age I have always had a passion for the outdoors. As a senior in high school I had the opportunity to pursue my college education while getting to hunt and fish on a scholarship. After the introduction to the Presidents Outdoor Scholars Program it was really a "no brainer" for me to go to college to hunt and fish while still earning a degree. Fast forwarding to my sophomore year, videography and editing sparked my interest. OSTV was in the early stages of development and in need of a camera crew. Unaware of what I was about to volunteer for... lights, camera, action, "don't forget to hit record and don't suck."-Phillip Pitts-Pitts Media. In 2019 the Outdoor Scholars Program hosted a fundraiser turkey hunt at Great Southern Outdoors in Union Springs, Alabama with three legendary turkey callers/hunters - Michael Waddell (Bone Collector), Eddie Salter (The Turkey Man), and Bob Walker (Turkey THUG). Paired with Michael Waddell, filming for the three day hunt, we were able to shoot four turkeys and  I captured it all on camera... experience of a lifetime "can't stop the flop." 
My college experience has been one for the ages - not only was I able to go on many trips but I managed to keep my GPA over a 3.0. At this point the highest honor in the Outdoor Scholars Program is The Outdoor Scholar of the Year Award and I was fortunate to have received it back to back years (2017-2019).One experience the Outdoor Scholars Program has presented me with was the opportunity to complete an internship with the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) in the summer of 2019. As a Senior I was able to intern at Buckmasters in Montgomery, Alabama while being a full time student (August 2019 - Present).
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